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   "A Monthly Community Co-o Magazine to Promote Well-Being & Prosperity"

                           Cash Cow News - Front Silverdale & Bremerton, WA edition


Welcome to the Cash Cow News!  CCN is a monthly, community, co-op

magazine to promote wellness & prosperity. It also features useful, interesting and relevant editorial content provided for free! CCN is designed to give the reader a fresh new perspective focused on both personal, community and business well-being.


Readers can enjoy and learn, in depth, about their community's helpful businesses

and opportunities from Job Listings, Display Ads, Business Editorials, Locator Maps,

Events, Fundraisers, Transportation and much more.


Businesses can promote who they are and what they do, both in Print and on the

Internet, in Color or B/W, at the lowest competitive price available. Optionally, participating

businesses even get to Brand the front cover of the CCN for FREE! The list of CCN advertising features

is robust, community-relevant and unique.


The Cash Cow News is unique in many ways. Most notedly, the CCN offers participants several paths to succes: Straight Commisstioned Sales, Area Manager/Sales, or, as CCN Affiliate Publischer Licensee, making a huge commission... all with very little time and $ overhead burden.


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Cash Cow News


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